Montego Bay: Private Rocklands Bird Sanctuary Trip


This tour is for those who are interested in different species of birds. So why not book for a trip and visit Rocklands Bird Sanctuary which is located in the little town of Anchovy about 3 miles outside Montego Bay.

At the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary you will find the Red-billed Streamertail and the Jamaican Mango birds which are so tame that they will come straight to a handheld bottle of sugar and water and some of them will even sit on your finger to feed from the bottles. What an amazing experience for the whole family.

After you are taken to the sanctuary, you will be provided with a guided tour which allows you to walk through the woods where you will be able to see some other Jamaican and Caribbean species as well as some familiar North American warblers wintering in the Caribbean, such as Black-throated Blue Warbler, American Redstart and Northern Parula.

The endemic and Caribbean species most likely to be seen are: Jamaican Woodpecker, White-chinned Thrush, Rufous-tailed Flycatcher, Jamaican Tody, Jamaican Euphonia, Jamaican Vireo, Jamaican Becard, Vervain Hummingbird, Loggerhead Kingbird and Sad Flycatcher. Sounds quite interesting.

More information

Know before you go

  • Entry fees ($25 adults/ $10 child) to this activity is payable by guests
  • Paradise Palms Jamaica Transportation only provides your transportation
  • See the 4 species of hummingbird resident in Jamaica.
  • The Rocklands Bird Sanctuary provides seeds to put on your hand for the birds.
  • Watch the Bananaquit and Greater Antillean Bullfinch feeding around the feeder
  • Sit and watch thebirds such as Jamaican Oriole using the feeders at feeding time
  • Watch the Common ground-Dove and Caribbean Dove.
  • Transportation to and from Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
  • Entry fee ($25 adults $10 child) to the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
  • Refreshments or lunch
2 hours

Pickup included

Pick-up possible from any hotel, villa and vacation rental, airport or your cruise ship in Montego Bay. You must provide your pick up time from the pick up point at the point of booking this trip.

Hotels Pick Up: Your driver will be waiting at the hotel entrance gate with a sign saying Paradise Palms Jamaica. Kindly provide your hotel room number.

Cruise Ship Pick Up: If you are arriving on a cruise ship kindly let us know the time you want to be picked up. Your driver will be waiting just across the road from the ship with a sign saying Paradise Palms Jamaica.

Airport Pick Up: Your driver will be waiting just outside arrival with a sign saying Paradise Palms Jamaica.

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