Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Top Shore Excursions”) values its users and is committed to protecting their personal data and privacy. To fulfill this commitment, Top Shore Excursions has developed this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy” or the “Policy”) that describes Top Shore Excursions’ practices in the processing of personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the law.


When you use the services of Top Shore Excursions through any of our sales channels operated under any of our brands, websites, application for mobile phones and tablets, call center, branches or sales islands or others (the “ Sales Channels”) – Top Shore Excursions collects certain personal data for later use. This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand how we process such personal data.


By accepting this Privacy Policy, you authorize Top Shore Excursions to process your personal data for all or some of the purposes provided for in this Policy. Top Shore Excursions may modify this Policy at any time, and must notify you when we make any material changes. You can check the date of its last update in the header of this Policy. For any questions about this Policy and/or about Top Shore Excursion practices in this matter, please contact us using the details in the reservation.


Our commitment to your privacy.


At Top Shore Excursions we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your personal data is treated in accordance with applicable law and best market practices. We are transparent about our practices and are available to answer any questions about them.


Below we detail the principles that guide the way Top Shore Excursions processes your personal data:


  • All collection and processing of personal data will be carried out in accordance with this Privacy Policy and to fulfill the purposes established herein.


  • Your personal data will not be transferred, sold, rented or disclosed in any way other than as indicated in this Privacy Policy.


  • When personal data is no longer necessary and we have no legal obligation to store it, our intention will be to delete, destroy or anonymize it.


  • Our intention is to collect the smallest amount of personal data necessary, collecting only that necessary to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Policy.







Important definitions.


Some important terms are defined below so that you understand the protection we give to your personal data, the limits of our processing of it and your rights:


Owner: You are the owner of your personal data.


Personal data: information that identifies or leads to the identification of an owner. Examples of personal data are your full name, telephone number, identification number and postal address.


Controller: person responsible for making decisions related to the processing of the personal data of the owners. For the purposes of this Policy, it will be Top Shore Excursions.


Processing: any operation carried out with personal data, which may include collection, access, analysis, transfer, storage, anonymization, deletion, etc.


Anonymization: process of depersonalizing personal data by eliminating any association of this information with the owners to whom it refers.


Your rights.


The law grants you certain rights in relation to your personal data, which may be exercised as indicated in this Policy.


The following are your main rights in relation to your personal data:


  • Check if your personal data is processed by Top Shore Excursions.


  • Obtain information about how your personal data is processed.


  • Correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data.


  • Request the anonymization, blocking or deletion of personal data that is unnecessary, excessive or that is being processed in violation of the law.


  • Know which public and private entities have access to your personal data through Top Shore Excursions.


  • Revoke your consent for the processing of your data and be informed of the consequences of said revocation.


  • Revoke your consent to the collection of new personal data.





What personal data do we collect?


Top Shore Excursions collects and stores.


  1. a) Personal data that the user provides us
  2. b) Personal data obtained from third parties, including public data
  3. c) Personal data collected automatically by our platform, as described below:


Personal data that the user provides us.


In order to make tourist reservations through our Sales Channels, you must provide us with certain personal information that includes, among others, full name, contact information (such as telephone number, address or email address), among other information.


In order to make tourist reservations, you may also be required to provide us with information about your debit or credit card (such as the credit card number, security code, name of the cardholder and its expiration date). .


Personal data will only be collected through the Sales Channels listed above. At its sole discretion, Top Shore Excursions may verify the personal data provided by consulting public entities, specialized companies or risk centers, for which you expressly authorize us. The information that Top Shore Excursions obtains from these entities will be treated confidentially, respecting applicable legislation and this Policy.


You can always choose not to inform us of your personal data, but in general this information is required to make tourist reservations. If you choose not to give us certain information, you may not be able to contract our services.


If you make a reservation on behalf of a third party, you must first obtain the consent of said third party before providing us with their personal data. If that third party is a minor in accordance with applicable law, you declare that you have the consent of at least one of the parents or legal guardian of the minor to provide his or her personal data and accept this Privacy Policy on his/her behalf. she.


Personal data collected automatically by our platform.


Top Shore Excursions automatically collects and stores certain user browsing data. Browsing data includes: IP addresses, uniform resource identifiers (URIs), request times, methods used to send requests to the server, size of files received in response, numerical codes indicating the status of the server response, and other parameters related to the user’s operating system and computing environment.








Computer systems and programs designed to navigate websites collect certain data during their use, the transmission of which is necessary for the use of Internet communication protocols. As a general rule, this information is not collected to identify users, but, given its nature, it may allow such identification through its association with other data.


Likewise, for our websites to function correctly, Top Shore Excursions uses its own and third-party cookies.


 What is our policy on cookies and web beacons?


Top Shore Excursions recommends that when browsing the website you allow the use of cookies to perform certain functions. Cookies are specific types of information that a website transmits to the user’s computer hard drive or other device for record-keeping purposes.


Cookies can serve to facilitate the use of a website by saving its settings and preferences while the user browses the Internet.


Top Shore Excursions cannot access other information stored on your device through cookies, even if cookies are downloaded from our website. Cookies cannot load malicious code of any type or viruses or malware, and do not harm the user’s device.


For their part, web beacons are images inserted into a website or in an email that can be used to monitor the behavior of a visitor, as well as to store information about the user’s IP address, the time period of interaction with the website and the type of browser used, among others.


Through cookies and web beacons, Top Shore Excursions collects information about the activity of its users on its websites. Such information may include the URL they came from (whether or not on a Top Shore Excursions website), what URL they subsequently access, what browser they are using, their IP addresses, the sites visited, searches performed on our sites. website and the identification of the devices they use, among others.


Although most browsers automatically accept cookies and web beacons, you can set your web browser to reject them. Please note that cookie preferences must be set for each browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or other).


What do we use the personal data we collect for?


Top Shore Excursions uses the personal data collected for the following purposes:


  • Manage your tourist reservation, carry out the transactions that you have initiated and process invoices or other tax documentation related to your reservation. Additionally, we maintain booking history in our database.


  • Offer you products and services, individually or jointly with third parties.


  • Manage your requests and respond to your questions or comments.


  • Perform internal analysis regarding sales and/or consumption patterns


  • Measure our customers’ satisfaction with our products, services and attention.


  • Comply with our legal obligations, including cooperating with any requests from public bodies covered by law.


  • Send you confirmation and updates about your reservation, as well as any relevant information regarding it. This information may be sent via email, SMS, WhatsApp or other instant messaging service to the contact means provided by you. These messages may contain (but are not limited to) information about Top Shore Excursions services, as well as contact information for suppliers who could help your travel experience at your destination.


With whom do we share the personal data we collect?


You give your unequivocal consent for Top Shore Excursions to share your personal data with service providers for the management of your reservations or purchase requests.


Additionally, you agree that Top Shore Excursions may share your personal data with suppliers who provide services to Top Shore Excursions, including credit card acquirers, business analytics, customer service, marketing, payment processing and/or prevention. of fraud. These third parties may use your personal data to offer you products and services or to provide their services.


Consequently, by accepting this Privacy Policy, the user acknowledges and accepts that Top Shore Excursions, as data controller, may share their personal and transaction data with third parties, including without limitation the data of their reservations or purchase requests, so that Top Shore Excursions and/or such third parties, individually or jointly, can offer products and services that fit your profile, improve the security of the transaction, prevent fraud, perform credit risk analysis and improve the products and services provided, always in strict compliance with the applicable law. Such third parties will be subject to contracts and policies that prohibit the unauthorized use or disclosure of personal data to which they have access, as well as to prevent it from being used in violation of applicable law.


How to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data?


You can exercise them by any of the options below:


By sending a request by email to In your request you must indicate your full name and prove your identity.


Likewise, if you make the request on behalf of a third party, you must prove your powers of representation. Top Shore Excursions may request additional information or documentation to verify your identity or to specify your request, such as a copy of your national identity document, indication of your email and postal address that you designate for notifications and a contact telephone number; and clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise the right, as well as the documents that support the request. Once the detailed requirements have been met, and whenever the request is appropriate, Top Shore Excursions will inform you if it has proceeded to grant it or if it has been rejected. Unless a different period is indicated in the special clauses per country, Top Shore Excursions will have 10 (ten) business days from receipt of the complete request to send a response in the case of an access request, and 5 ( five) business days


What are the purposes that justify Personal Data Transfers?


In addition to the disclosures to Third Parties (the “Transfers”), provided for in section 4 of the general terms of this Privacy Policy, the Owner’s Personal Data may be subject to disclosures to judicial and/or administrative authorities before which the Responsible person is obliged in terms of law, as well as for the corresponding administration of justice. The purposes that justify the transfer of Personal Data of the Owners are the following: those of sections a), c), d), e), h) and i) of section 1 and in sections a), c), e , f) and h) of section 2; of the immediately preceding subsection II of this Privacy Policy


In the event that the Owner wishes to express a refusal regarding the Transfer of his Personal Data, he may only do so with respect to those Transfers that are related to secondary purposes or to the offering of products and/or services of said Third Parties, as well as those Transfers to subsidiaries of the Controller that do not adopt data protection policies similar to those of the Controller. In that case, the Owner must send a request that, under the heading of “Refusal to the Transfer of Personal Data”, must be addressed to the Address or to the email address


All of the above, with the understanding that the Controller can freely make Transfers that are linked to the primary purposes referred to above as well as to its related companies that have data protection policies similar to those of the Controller. It is also stated that the Responsible Party may send Personal Data to its suppliers and/or service providers for the purposes of the Responsible Party itself, since under Mexican regulations, these third parties would only be in charge of it.